Who Are We?

SIEVEMK Gateway is a local charity with a global perspective. We aim to expose the young ones in our local community to the best that the world can offer. With our original focus on the problem of education underachievement among young people of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) descent in Milton Keynes, we have expanded our scope to cover various needs in the community. We will continue to ensure that our charitable activities contribute significantly to the lives of those we work with and specifically within the local areas in which those activities are undertaken. With reference to the Charities Act 2006, all our charitable activities are directed towards having a lifelong impact on the local area and these activities are undertaken to further our charitable purposes for the public benefit. The example below is a testament of our commitment to the public benefit requirement.

The SIEVEMK Learning Centre was originally designed to support school children of ages 11-18. Its activities have however now extended to cater for children from 5 years old. It is organised and run as a supplementary education centre where young people receive academic support from highly qualified teachers in various subjects, particularly English, Mathematics and Science. They are also encouraged to attain a high level of self-motivation and discipline through coaching and mentoring events.

The younger children are encouraged to develop an aptitude for reading and effective communication through the Reading Club.