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The 11 Plus (11+ or Eleven Plus) is an examination taken by pupils in their last year of primary school to get into a Grammar
School of their choice.

SIEVEMK 11 Plus preparation classes are interactive, and cover all aspects of the exam. These include:


  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • 11 Plus English
  • 11 Plus Maths


Students who excel in the 11 Plus exam are identified early, and preparations for this exam begins as early as from year 4.
This gives the student sufficient time and exposure to the exam type questions and conditions, placing the student in
the best possible position to excel in the 11 Plus exams.

Our 11 Plus classes take place on Saturdays. If you are would like your child to gain admission into a Grammar School, please
contact us for more information on test dates and enrolling your child in our Award Winning classes.

We provide students tuition for their SATS which occur at year 2 and year 6, and also offer 11+ classes for those seeking to go to grammar schools. With one of our students receiving a perfect score of 141 in the previous year, SIEVEMK works very closely with students from as young as 5, to ensure that academic excellence is achieved even in their youth. SIEVEMK provides the best, expects the best and does nothing less.

In addition to this, we prepare children from deprived upbringings for exams that will send them to private schools, and positively remodel their lives.

SIEVEMK operates in partnership with Stantonbury Campus, but we regularly accept students from a range of other schools.

We provide tuition for general end of year exams, GCSEs, IGCSE and A levels. We also help students who find learning difficult in their schools, and our small class sizes of a maximum of 12 students benefit their academic experience.

Furthermore, we also aid students seeking to move to independent schools, working in partnership with the Springboard Bursary Foundation to change the lives of students who would otherwise not have this immense opportunity.

Reading forms an integral part of any childs education and development. SIEVEMK encourages reading by making our Reading Club available to students of all levels, from as young as 4 years of age.

Students learn to read in an encouraging environment with peers of similar age and reading ability.

We have found that students who enrol in our reading club display an improved performance and understanding in other subjects like Maths and English.

Give your child the boost they need in education and start them off reading early.

Contact our centre for more information and enrolment.