Over the many years that SIEVEMK has been working in Milton Keynes, it has impacted positively on the lives of hundreds of individuals that have come in contact with it.
Our aim is to encourage, support and inspire in every social circle that SIEVEMK interacts with.

Our 3 year funding program with PHF has helped to change 192 lives

We are working in partnership with Springboard Bursary Foundation to help place deprived children in better schools. In 2016/17 we placed 4 children.

SIEVEMK helps students to achieve their best results. Our top result for 2015/16 year was 10A*.
Our SAP program is changing
the lives of youths, and giving
them a second chance and a future.
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This year of SIEVEMK’s 10 year anniversary we are hosting a variety of activities, intended to unite the community and widen our outreach.