The SIEVEMK Social Enterprise Hub is where we use our know-how to encourage our community members to grow their own home based start up businesses with the ultimate aim of becoming striving businesses which would contributing positively to the larger community.

We also aim to create our own businesses in the area of food, media and nursery. We believe that social enterprises have great community benefits especially in the area of job creation, provision of ready access to training environments, and offering quality services with a personal touch.

Following are the business opportunities currently being nursed on our social enterprises hub:

  • SMK Gateway Motion
  • SMK Gateway Media
  • SMK Gateway Cafe
  • SMK Gateway Nursery
  • SMK Gateway Beauty

If you want to get involved in any of the above, please contact us NOW.


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SMK Gateway MotionSMK Gateway MediaSMK Gateway CafeSMK Gateway NurserySMK Gateway BeautyOther

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