jessica Jessica Oyakhire

Jessica was among the first class at SIEVEMK in 2007.

Jessica obtained her Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours from University of Manchester. She then completed her Scholarship MBA in same university, having the opportunity of a trans-Atlantic exposure to Cornell University as part of the programme. She finished with flying colours as the youngest MBA graduate in England at 22.

Jessica now works as a Management Consultant with Ernest & Young.

kerry Kerrie Bradburn

Kerrie holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Archaeology from the University of Exeter. She is a mentor and active member of the SIEVEMK Alumni.

20131218_142736  Olamide Olanrewaju

Olamide was among the first class at SIEVEMK in 2007.

Olamide holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law (University of Hull), and a Masters degree in Law from the University of Leeds. She recently completed her Law School programme in Nigeria and has been called to the Bar as a Solicitor & Advocate in Nigeria.

joy  Joy Vaughan

Joy is currently a medical student at Belfast University. She took a gap year after her A’ levels and used part of it for volunteering work in a local supplementary school assisting children from BME community and imparting her knowledge on them, especially on how to set goals and achieve top grades in their studies.

isaac  Isaac Ajala

Isaac Ajala (an author at 12) tells his own story with a prowess and ability that is beyond his age. Isaac lets us know that his incentive and motivation for writing his book is to call attention to the fact that everyone, young or old can have a story to tell. In his book, “So far so good”, Isaac called our attention to a vital truth that the modern society has forgotten: that the children are still our future.

Isaac, now 17, is about completing his A’ levels at the globally respected Stowe School, Buckingham.

NatalieGraduation  Natalie Todd

Natalie Todd was among the first class at SIEVEMK in 2007.

Natalie is a graduate of Business Management from the University of Leicester.